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Dan McTague

Memorial Day 2020

In remembrance of all of those who have served their countires I have created the healing the world to love message below.


Memorial Day 2020 musings by James Daniel McTague


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You have survived the ravages of war and lived through unspeakable tension, strain, and horror to return to your loved ones and the life you left behind.


You may have noticed that things are different from the way you remember them to be. You may have noticed that you are different from the way you remember yourself to be.


Too successfully return to civilian life, your life, there are some things that would be helpful for you to understand. By understanding these things and having the tools to transition from the stress of your war experience back into the civilian life you can make a successful transition home.


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I Remember You by James Daniel McTague
As a veteran celebrating the 4th of July I am mindful.
I embrace all Americans, especially you who decided this human opportunity, this America, this group idea, was worth living and, if required, dying for.
Sometimes it bothers me that others could so casually throw away that opportunity or demean it. Then I recognize in me, in my blood, an energy, an aliveness born from the fight. Then I realize that having that aliveness in me is worth the price paid.
I feel a sense of loss for all those who demonstrate they do not know that strange excitement of realizing shared greatness, because each in their way contributes to its unfolding story.
While I do not think I could do it again, so hard was that journey, I will be forever grateful that I did, and for those who shared it with me in this great experiment in group living.
Celebrate America everyone!
No price is too high for what America means to our shared human journey, or what it means to be an American.
Light one for those who cannot be with us. They celebrate from wherever they are.
Semper Fi
James McTague
Copyright (c) 2019 All Rights Reserved

Memorial Day 2019

My fellow veterans,

Today, I’m mindful of my time in the art of war.

War is a part of our shared human life, and I think life must be seen as a whole to appreciate its parts. Destructive as war is, it produced a personal value in me, a strength, far greater than my personal cost, once I resolved to find it. This value would necessarily have to be tremendous to justify the price I paid in war. I found it did.

War depends on hatred to exist. However, because this is a love based universe, the thing more powerful than hatred is love. We honor veterans because on behalf of love they face into evil and hatred, sacrificing themselves to affirm the right of others to love. Thereby earning, by the experience, the lessons of both. I found love’s lesson gained in war by realizing the effort of will it took to actually enter the nature of love itself after my war was over.

I found to love took a far greater effort of will than to wage war, even with destruction, personal injury, collateral damage, and horror. That was no small thing. This is how I know you as a veteran, are uniquely qualified to enter and express love itself.

Turns out love’s a great creative power and annihilates evil on contact in and around us.

From the beginning, humanity has struggled to learn and live love. Progress was made but, as a group, we have failed. Not through lack of seeing love’s value, we do, but from the lack of the surrender of personal will it takes to enter love and then the strength of will it takes to express that Love. While that combination of strength, surrender, and commitment can be learned through many of the terrible ordeals of life, none are better suited to do it than war.

Examples of those who have demonstrated that Will to Love is the great heroes of history and myth we honor even more than we honor our heroes of war who have stood against hatred.

After I was a marine in Vietnam, I worked to experience and express love, not fight hate. It was doubly difficult because to love I had to first love myself past what I had become in war. As I worked to overcome my personal stuff to enter the impersonal power of Love, I became aware of the tremendous strength of will in me, that I had earned in action and thought lost was a secret weapon waiting to be summoned.

A warriors “will” becomes so strong they can overcome impossible obstacles and face horrific things including express the creative power of pure love, which in war, it does not occur to us to do.

I also realized in doing this why so few in the world actually live love and how valuable it is to others when they do. This value of expressing the actual power of love, and not its sentiment, is in how it inspires those around them in the strengthening of the ability in them to do it as well. How many of our leaders now cannot stay positive with love?

I believe there are enough veterans in the world, on all sides of all wars, to claim this world for love, ending all war, if even a small portion of us make the commitment and take the stand. This is not about any religion or movement. It is about humans creating with love as war is about destroying it. I am a part of and will help, all who attempt this no matter who they are or where they have been or what they have done.

In my case, I had nothing to lose because I had nothing left. So rather than end myself, or live crippled, I took the time to investigate the idea of love as a healing power. Along the way, I realized the difficulty and the greatness of succeeding at it.

Like you, I am a sword that has been tempered in a fierce fire. While I do not desire to use that will ever again in war, in the actual expression of love as a polished power creating good, it is my great joy.

I know you can do this if you want to, and if you try you will heal from your wounds. I also recognize those who master the power to love can end the war before it starts. They are the warriors of the future if humanity is to have one.

The free tools on this web page are a great place to start.

Have a great Memorial Day!

Semper Fi,

James McTague

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A Veterans Day message

For Veterans who are experiencing challenges in their life because of the experiences of war.


Hi, I am Dan McTague, and I have included a short meditation on this site for this Veterans Day to help center you in the power to reclaim your human nature after traumatic experiences.  As a veteran, I understand the condition. As a spiritual teacher, I know how to recover the territory of ordinary human life that is surrendered in the process of fighting in a war.


Remember this, the soul is untouched by whatever befalls our personality life, up to and including death itself. Our inner power is eternal, limitless and is the essence of love – no matter how the outer material circumstances may indicate. This accessible truth, residing within you, is your key to the restoration of a damaged life.


If not for yourself, than for those whose lives you touch with your own, listen to this meditation message and enter into its inner space. By becoming a dynamic-destructive force on behalf of our country it is not easy to put it aside, or the changes in our consciousness that we made to accommodate the experience after we no longer need it. We must do so.


The message here and the meditation provided is because of this. Not only can the effects upon us be put aside, but in place of the destructive emotional and mental conditioning that we are often left with, a far stronger and more constructive YOU can be built into the personality space you occupy, replacing that broken warrior with the invincible ‘Spiritual Warrior’ within.


Yes, it was a huge change into the veteran consciousness affected by war. Yes, the original you is gone, in many ways never to return. And, Yes you can rebuild, reclaim and redeem the territory of the mind, the emotions and the physical in such a way that you would never trade your veteran experiences if it meant giving up the you that you will become because of having had them. For this to become true inside of you, the journey must be completed from the war you experienced to the understanding you have earned from it. That is coming and will come; our job is to move you into it positively, quickly and past the echo of war.


This may sound impossible, unreasonable and unworkable at first, given the condition that you may be in. However, if the intention is firm and the will focused, nature and the powers of your inner, higher self will bring about the changes.


So, because you do not see the answer, because those around you do not understand how, or believe it can be done, does not mean it cannot. There are things available to us that we never realize until we need them, are willing to receive them, and they are then made available to us. However, it is up to us to apply them and to trust in the God that made us that all things that happen on this earth are toward a right end. This may be hard to accept, yet it is so.


By working on your own particular game, you will prove this assertion of mine to yourself, as I did, by your effort and with the help of those who understand. We will not come and seek you out and force you. Your free will is a sacred right, and our war experiences are the price we veterans paid to have it.


We can only present an opportunity where it might be discovered.

We do, however, promise you this, if you apply and put forth the measure of your effort to improve your life, we will stand by you and deliver until you have achieved the recovery that tells you – “It was all worth it!”


So take a few moments to listen to the meditation introduction offered below. If you are moved to understand more about it or go deeper into it and yourself, contact us. We are here for you, and we understand.

This meditation is “Basic Training” for those who wish to take control of their lives and transcend the physical, emotional or mental and open the inner power to serve from a higher and deeper place. It is our experience that veterans are uniquely qualified for this due to the extreme conditions experienced in military service. Listen to it below.

Semper Fi
j. Daniel McTague


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Finding Your Center

by James Daniel McTague

When we are off the map, out in the wilderness of our PTSD, a place where there is no clear way forward, that is when we wish we had a Helicopter.

If we could just rise above this location in our life, we might see the way ahead in our consciousness. A way through, a place where you are all right with the world and your weaknesses are becoming your strengths, in other words, a place where you are centered in your vast eternal Self.

As it turns out, you do. The answer to this out of balance condition is centering you in who you are, and locking yourself into that place.

Then, using the abundant will of the warrior, choosing to go forward with all other choices. Our PTSD crises are not, as some would have us suppose, an “illness” to be cured, rather it is a crisis in our consciousness to be worked through – no matter what circumstances produced it.

Because the crises are one of consciousness, which is the total of our awareness of self and surroundings, the helicopter you need is meditation. This process is our best answer to the chaos of mental, emotional and physical challenge that living the war experience can bring us. It does not negate any other treatment, but if applied with will and intention, it can pull you quickly into a clarity of what is right and what is wrong about handling your personal PTSD.

Moreover, it will give you the strength of heart to bring the needed changes in your life. The good news is there is always a way ahead for us, no matter what the circumstances. A way that leads to peace and joy. The hard news is that it is you who has to walk the walk, no matter what the circumstances.

For each of us it is a personal journey. This is because each of us has a personal story.

The power of our personal story in action is that it connects us to our own “warrior within” and the healing power of that warrior is far greater than its destructive power. This is true for us and for that which we wish to heal outside of ourselves. All of which commences once we are centered in our positive inner light. Not some magical make-believe light of hope, or faith, but standing in the down pouring Divine Will that resides at the core of every human, it is our nature without exception, and it is waiting for us to access it. This requires no religion, guru or outside idea of how things should be, or anyone’s idea of how things are. It is the access to truth itself, what is, that is true for everyone, everywhere in all circumstances.

To think we have been abandoned by our own Higher Self, due to conditions or actions is a common mistake. We are never abandoned; we only have been temporarily separated from our sense of deeper self due to circumstances, and reactions to things way beyond our understanding and momentarily losing our personalities ability to process and manage.

We have only to exercise our abundant will, and pull ourselves up into the clarity and centeredness that resides in us. That center can never be disturbed no matter what our personal life or our circumstances are. All that can happen is that we are pushed out from our Higher Self, and when we are, we must find our way back to develop our strengths. That is the nature of human evolution that moves us toward our individual growth and perfection.

This commentary promises a lot; however, until you try it you will not realize how much healing power resides in you. It will help you understand the relationship to your deeper self and it strengthens, that the experiences of PTSD are designed to bring about in us. By healing ourselves, we develop the needed strengths to move forward in our evolution, and the group evolution of humankind.

Those of us who have suffered PTSD have learned how meditation can offer clear solutions and useful answers. At this internet location, we are building a bridge in consciousness for all who suffer from within and seek true healing relief. There is no “one way” for this, and it works better with other practices that are self-healing.

The strength of these meditations are that they conflict with nothing in your life because it comes from the deeper part of your mind which resides in a place behind all suffering and who’s nature is love and wisdom.

Join a meditation with an open mind and we will demonstrate how to unlock your access to the great power inside you. The foundation of this process is the realization of the higher and lower self.

Your human personality, as you have come to know it, and your spiritual counterpart (your Soul, or Higher Self) are forever connected and related no matter what happens in your life. It is possible to lose sight of that connection and to sink into the depths of emotional despair, self-loathing or mental confusion and physical struggle with injuries or addictions, however, the relationship is strong and only awaits your activation to effect significant change in you. Meditation assumes that connection and places it in your hands.

We offer many free techniques and, some recorded meditations for getting started. We also offer live group meditation that will bring clarity to your crises of consciousness and relief from the torment of the unchangeable past by revealing the limitless future of positive existence that awaits you.

Unlock this healing power in yourself and let the down flowing love of your inner nature make you whole. We bring you what we have learned from our own PTSD and decades of practicing and teaching meditation; it is yours to apply to yourself for the discovery of its value to you.

These meditations require no previous understanding, no special abilities, no great effort. (You may recognize the significant resistance that is in you by putting forth the effort to change. Doing clarifies the varied nature of our emotional and mental bodies as they cling to their familiar image of “self,” the little self of our personality. You are their master and connecting with the inner warrior will demonstrate this.)

Guided meditation is available to you in these gifts. Group meditation only needs the cooperation of those who share it within the positive atmosphere of group consciousness. At the higher vibrations of this shared reality, the energies can be unbelievably transforming of the confusions and struggle of PTSD.

In group meditation you learn not how to endure the existence of the unlivable, you learn that it can be resolved and put under the control of your innate will, love and creative process where enduring becomes living and experience, no matter how terrible, becomes wisdom. You learn the unconditional support of others and that life itself is there for you because a life that is inherently good will help you heal and grow.

Of course, what you put in is what you get back. With some committed effort, you will immediately develop a greater understanding and then move your PTSD into something that is fading in the rearview mirror of your life and into your future that is one of freedom and positive possibilities.

I salute your service, I respect your condition, as it was my own, and I affirm your power to move beyond it into an empowering light of consciousness and a life of immense value and self-satisfaction.

We have only to do it together.

Share our resources and sample the short meditations we have created for you.

Semper Fi


P.S. Of the two meditations we have provided on this website, one is a short introduction to the meditation process with GG and myself, and the other is a centering meditation of about thirty minutes.


© 2015 James Daniel McTague

All My Tears Are Joy

– My Love Is More Than One Memorial Day Sagery

by James Daniel McTague

From nothingness comes the Centers.


Chakras built to absorb and dance and deliver Pran. Vibrating forth! into glandular expression, healing proceeds in Divine intensity.


Petals hold us in deep embrace, as orbs radiate their role. Sit with it, Friend. Root. Sacral. Solar Plexus. Heart. Throat. Ajna. Crown. One by one. Slowly.


They’re huge. Diverse. Phenomenal. Resonate within each one. Vast. Potent. Like 7 Worlds. Stacked upon Themselves.


Then rise and add the 8th. The Soul. 9th. Monad. Hold it.

Brilliantly roaring essence and Presences sublime. Opening up. Healing. More healing. On and on and on.


The past dissolves. Your deepest wounds, resistance, beliefs, all bathed in light, Now, love. Freedom. Fought for by so many over eons, and especially the last 100 years.


No matter. We’re catching on to Love. Heal and rise. Rise. Rise. Rise.


In Memory

Of Sacrificial Lives
We stand
Forgiveness pouring
Honoring Them
By receiving fully
Their gifts surrendered

Courageous offerings
Made possible in love
By Kronos
Lord of Time
And the miracle
Of the human heart

Breaking out
Of a karmic prison
In the Hall called Ignorance
Humanity is pouring forth
Onto Elysian fields
Of consciousness awakening
Upon the circle
Of our return

Materializing in our form
Appears the glandular system
Of our own perfection
Through the chakras singing
Of a Warrior Soul
In the Spirit Love
Bringing humanity closer
To the Idol emerging
The perfect God of Good
Destined by Us to be

Body and soul
We stand in honor
Of those who have gone before
Who have given all
For the Nations’ healing
And all that dwell therein

These sacrifices
Made in honor bright
Upon ground hallowed
Wet with red
Continue beyond the gates
Of mortal existence
From Death to Life
Unto the living sacrifice
That is Eternal Serving
The redemption of the lives
Still trapped
In imperfect material existence
Releasing Them
Into freedom found
And limitless days of love

That is the birthright
Of all created beings
In Cosmic Space
The Body Corporal
And soul sphere rejoicing
Of the One Life Shining

Bringing into awareness
We are the Life
Toward which we are striving
With such beat of our heart
In humble spirit arising

Love and wisdom
Emerge out of
Our countless cycles rounding
Our shared human struggle through
In emotion, mind and mud
Toward our good end
Shared by all
In Memory
Of Sacrificial Lives


Love Is More Than One


Copyright © 2015-2018 James Daniel McTague, All Rights Reserved

How To Handle PTSD

Become A Spiritual Warrior

As a combat Marine, I have had the experiences of war and the PTSD to go along with it.
As a meditation teacher, a worker in spiritual consciousness for many years, I have a unique perspective on how PTSD can be handled, controlled and transformed into a stronger you, one far different from who you were before you entered the self-destructive adventure of war. One better for it.
Our human consciousness is born into and formed out of a limited relationship of living in the limited lifetime and personal cycle of a human life. Our Personality existence. When war intrudes into this short and limited cycle, when we are young and still new at living, it causes a violent distortion of emotion, mind and energies that cannot be reconciled to one small lifetime or normal human living.
Fortunately, in the grand cycle of eternal experience, one that we all enjoy in the true nature of our being, even if we are not normally consciousness of it, one lifetime is but a flicker of time. Powerful as the experiences of violence and chaos and self-destruction are, experiences of killing and being killed going on in and around us, in the long stream of life they will have little impact on our, or anyone else’s existence. There are far worse things that can happen to you than to be killed in war.
So one positive way we can handle life experiences that shatter our human nature beyond mortal repair, is to put them into perspective. We are each of us, in our individuality, far more than our experiences and far more than they can ever affect. Becoming conscious of this changes everything we think about war, our part in it and what to do with the aftermath. Once you become conscious of this truth everything changes. Healing begins. Light comes in. You begin to see a future you, far more than you ever imagined.
Another aspect of the war experience that can be used is this: Extreme experience has great value.
No matter how difficult the events, or far down into the bottomless horror of mental, emotional, physical extreme war can push us, no matter what we have to do to adapt and survive, to exactly the same extreme we have earned a positive rise in consciousness. Into a higher state of being. Because you have gone far beyond other humans in your experience of service and suffering from that service, regardless of the experiences and what you think or feel about them, you have earned a depth of understanding and meaning others cannot access. This is the law of being, the law of love.
That depth of compression and that height release can – and must – be used by you to catapult you into a spiritual awareness of your divine existence that can negate the horror and self-destruction that we are victim to from our war impacts. If to physical body, emotional nature or mental awareness or all three the spiritual result is the same. Above and beyond all that part of us we are familiar with is a true aspect of our higher nature that is ready and willing to step up and embrace the situation we are in.
Both Genevieve and I have worked many years with individuals in that limitless spiritual nature that is our birthright and our permanent self. We daily help individuals to control and clear the PTSD experiences and we are well aware of what you suffer and how to help you move beyond it.
This is not a simple process of our action from any outside point of view. It is a deep guided movement into the root of your being and the releasing of the terrible life distorting impact of compressed experiences by you. Experiences that go way beyond the normal human range of living.
Like war, we must take ourselves through the process, but with a guide and support. Having sat in many PTSD groups and been through countless nights of relentless horror from my own war drama, I do understand how hopeless it can look to the normal human consciousness. How powerless we seem against it. However, you are far more than that normal human consciousness, as war demonstrated to you in the process of screwing you up. Now we are going to access your positive, powerful, loving nature as a divine being, no matter how lost or suppressed, and bring you to your own rescue. You will at some point be grateful for all the experiences that created that PTSD. That is the firm goal.
If you need this help ask for it, you deserve it, you have earned it, and you will find you know far more about it than you think. I do not care what your religion, philosophy or lack of it, what is real is real. You are what you are.
You put yourself through the war experience. Now put yourself through the experience that will turn you into the opposite, a spiritual warrior for good, the good of you and others like you. Empower yourself to rise through and control your limited, distorted, human nature.
Drugs are only temporary and in the end will fail you. Suppressing the experiences without resolving the energy will only cause a breakdown further down the road. Shared group discussion will release and heal you so, if nothing else, find a veterans group and get into it. If you fell the pull, come to us for the spiritual training that puts into your hands the deeper power of your higher nature, soul and spirit and put them to work for you.
You are more than human and that is your way beyond the problem. We will help you open up that way and walk it into confidence and spiritual strength. Free of emotions that are destructive to you. Ending your human life will not help you as you will only find, to your dismay, that you are still very much alive and in deeper trouble than you were, and worse, without a body to work it out in.
There is only one way out and that is through. What you gain is priceless. This is something we do know something about. Contact us and we will establish a group process in a fun, live meditation transformation event to introduce you to your new Self.
Dan McTague

My Review of the Veteran 3-CD Bundle

Hi, this is James again. I was a corporal in the Marines in Viet Nam from, 1966 to 1968, in and around Quang Tri Province, mostly at the DMZ, participating in a dozen or so field operations from Dong Ha to Khe Sahn, over the hundreds of days.

I wanted to give you my feedback and detailed review on using Genevieve Gerard’s I’m Free Veterans 3-CD Bundle.

A few words about these three helpful Veteran CD’s and their processes.

I’m Free To Relax

From our hearts, the best of our experience is offered here. It is a beginning step in our commitment to veterans and those who have suffered traumatic experience, for moving into a life free from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and, with a growing strength from understanding gained through hard experience. In the long run we can only grow stronger in our power to love ourselves and others.

If any of what is offered here seems hard to you. That tells you how powerful the negative resistance in you is to healing and how important a step it is to your health. As with any enemy, for victory against PTSD, where it is strongest, most resistant, that is where you attack. We want you to know that as in war, you are not alone. Together we are an invincible force of light.

I have worked with Genevieve Gerard for over thirty years in transformational, healing, meditation groups and on many projects. She is eminently qualified having worked for many years with trauma victims.


Genevieve created these products out of love for those who suffer trauma, including me. Her guidance works.”
      – James Daniel McTague

This is the first in the series being created for those who experience the inner struggle of traumatic personal experience. Success with this beginning will lead to deeper steps and a complete life transformation as that invincible force of light takes root in you and grows

I’m Free To Sleep

When we sleep, we leave consciousness, out of our body in two ways, through the top of the head or through the solar plexus.

Out the solar plexus leaves us in the surrounding emotional body, exposed to our memories and feelings. This is our normal habit in war.

We stand sentinel over our sleeping body, in the astral world to watch, listen for incoming, sensitive to the slightest vibration of harm. We wake up easily and it is dangerous when we do. Going to sleep out of the top of the head projects us toward the mental levels and away from disturbing emotional patterns and a much more pleasant sleep. Aim high when you fall asleep.

Put on the meditation and surrender into a visualized light above the top of your head. If you dream, waking up with stress, get up, drink some water, run a shower of cleansing energy, from the light above your head, through you and into the ground, until your systems calm. Put the meditation back on and go back to sleep; out of the top of your head. Surrender to the change.

I’m Feeling Free

This third meditation in the series is a profound meditation exercise. Little by little this process will bring light into dark places and open your awareness to the realization of a complete transformation.

The warrior of destruction becomes the warrior of light, love and redemption. You will have to work harder on this one in order to get deep enough into the emotional nature for complete change, but it is well worth it. If you feel disturbed by the process that is a normal healing crises and an indication of it working. Run your cleansing shower of light from the star above your head and Keep On Going!

Sometimes fighting our emotions is far harder than any physical battle.

After you have experienced these three meditations you will have a grounding in the healing meditation process. You will be ready to go deeper into your psyche and the power of your healing process.

For The Future

The deeper levels of PTSD meditation for complete PTSD transformation and the group work that brings it about, is available to you when you have opened into this process enough to feel that further effort will bring positive results of healing release and a renewal of confidence in your power to heal yourself. Not just from PTSD, but from any condition life brings you.

If you work for your healing, in the fullness of time there is only progress toward and into the light of higher consciousness. That light is love and that love is healing and redemption. You can never lose your right to it, but you do have to learn how to use it. It’s easy, it just takes courage; but you already have that.

Let’s Start.

From my own experience, with this gift that keeps on giving, I have learned a couple of things I absolutely know for sure:

Number One:
It is more than curable. And in its place can be left something far greater than the price.

More than curable? After the experiences are transmuted into understanding and from understanding into the positive power of applied, creative good, which is expressed love, you will become far stronger than you ever you were as a warrior.

Where there was a dark, coiled desperation of seemingly impossible circumstances, there will be an explosion of radiant, glorious light. Oh yes, light, look behind the dark, you can see it, waiting. Others who have overcome what you face and more stand as radiant points of light for you to see. Light yourself up, a tested warrior’s will is an amazing power.

Number Two:
You need to experience the power of group.

This moves the process along.

Isolation and separation from others will not fix PTSD. In PTSD groups, with the shared understanding of others like you, a healing presence enters into the process, one that no other way of working can duplicate. This group process can be provided in a number of ways, by on line group meditation process or group meditation with recorded group process, such as we are offering here. It does not always have to be a live group.

However, I recommend as one who avoided it for many years; that, whatever else you do, you give and receive in a live group for yourself and others to provide the movement past the sticking points. A short time in a give and take group with other veterans will change you, as it did me, as it always does. It is a part of the process. If you are working with our group meditations, where possible, put a group together and do it with others.

You wont believe the difference until you experience it. Into such a group is summoned, by its need, a tremendous presence of healing power. It never fails to arrive and if you watch and wait it will work its miracle. In a short time you will began to realize how much you are helping your brothers and sister veterans and then the transformation takes root. We fight wars for the freedom to live our lives as we want, that freedom is really to allow love to grow and prosper. This process demonstrates why.

Number Three:
You must ask for the help and receive it!

You must hear yourself wanting the process to work and for it to release you from those dark and familiar possessions of war that exist in our mind and feelings, our memories of the past. This is a form of bondage we must ask to break.

We can give you something to put in place of those dark associations that will allow you to replace with substantial light the dark core of negation that keeps us bound to the past. This does not change the memory of events; it places you in a positive relationship to them; no matter how difficult.

You can then enter present time free of those haunting things and know you need not go back into that place. You stand in control, healing and lighting the past, not being driven by it. Separating your immortal, untouchable identity out from it is a major step.

You have far more power to heal then ever you had to destroy, use it! Not for yourself just for that which you need to heal in you. If PTSD teaches nothing else, it teaches us that what is in the past is still connected to and involved in our life in present time. That truth can haunt us, or give us power. The choice is ours.

First yourself, then the past, then the world. By asking within yourself, in humility, and of others, for the help that can give and receiving the result, and being grateful, you learn that all others must do the same. It is just the way the healing process works. Because it is driven by love, what love actually is, it unifies and deepens our relationship to others in its healing power. Because war destroys, it seems the opposite of love but that is not so, war releases love to enter where before it was blocked from going, including in us.

I see a long way into the future now. I see a lasting positive outcome for me and for all of us. I still remember my war experience, the debts, paid and unpaid. However now I see them bathed in the light and love of redemption, my gift, my choice, for them and for me. I know myself as a power of good until the end of the world. That power flows into the world through me in an ever increasing stream. I am now, a warrior of light. I stand in dynamic harmlessness and love, as much and as often as I can. With the help of others it grows daily.

Freedom and love are still and will always be worth fighting and dying for. However, if we strengthen love and group awareness in our healing will-power we will eventually free the world of the need for war.
I am your brother, in war and in peace.

James Daniel McTague

Semper Fi

Words from a friend and veteran
– To Returning Veterans

My name is James. You don’t need to know much about me. I will say this, I was a corporal in the Marines in Viet Nam from, 1966 to 1968, in and around Quang Tri Province, mostly at the DMZ, participating in a dozen or so field operations from Dong Ha to Khe Sahn, over the hundreds of days.

Along with my fellow marines, I learned a lot about war, earned a Presidential Unit Citation and a truck load of PTSD. Given that we didn’t have much help in those days for PTSD, it took me years to get involved in working on mine. During that time 50,000 veterans of Viet Nam, like me, committed suicide.

In today’s warriors it is even worse. Don’t ignore PTSD, it’s dangerous, but I promise you, it can be fixed. You have to help, it is your duty. Healing you, and others, is actually the positive side of being a warrior.

My war is far behind and most of us who fought it have come to terms with our PTSD, or we have been lost to it. So what I say here I say to those returning veterans and those of the more recent wars we have fought. I do remember the naked and almost violent sensitivity I experienced returning from war and realize the seemingly endless cycle it puts us into. Like a bad burn, it seems like the burning will never end. This is not so, it can and will go away and with some effort you can put a miracle in its place. Life supports warriors with an endless power including you as much as anyone who has ever lived. Not the power called will, but with another called love, Take advantage of it. We will help you.

So you have PTSD, welcome to the world of love and war. Without love there would be no PTSD. Without war love would have been snuffed out a long time ago. Now, using love, the greatest healing power you possess, let’s do something about it. Oh, and if you saw action and don’t think you have PTSD, guess again.

PTSD, it is all stored, unprocessed war. You gave it to others, they gave it to you, you gave it to yourself, it doesn’t matter. The buck stops here! You have to heal it.

Now, what about the healing power of love? It is the power that, in the end, redeems us all. You give it to yourself, you give it to others, they give it to you, it matters. As a veteran, with PTSD you may think you are far from love. Not true, you are closer to it that anyone. You have earned it.

The whole nine yards! Horror, fear, hatred, loathing, guilt, confusion, pain, loss, hopelessness, shattered identity, scrambled feelings, physical loss, pain and more pain, and more, much, much more. An endless stream of uncoiling, recreating, imaginary harm, based on our memory and the images of real harm; on-going, causing you and others around you, harm, long after the events. Yep, that pretty much sums PTSD up.

In our full realization of PTSD often we are so filled with so much of that horror, that we do not feel it is right even to be close to others, especially those we love, as if just being near us, can somehow harm them, somehow infect them, somehow make them create what we know can be so destructive to them. This toxicity is real. So is your power to get rid of it.

It makes you dangerous to yourself, dangerous to others and life often not worth living. In an attempt to self-medicate, to get away from it, it produces addiction in any form capable of separating us, for a few moments, from the close company of our PTSD.

Using drugs, as forms of numbing our sense of self, we can become separated from our higher self, our inner nature, the wounded conscience, love, our own soul that, by its awareness, brings us constant pain. When we push it away with drugs, we walk a dangerous path.

Stranger yet, somehow, in this total negativity, is our very real, understanding of the precious value of life, what its loss means to us and to others. We somehow are able to see the enormous beauty, grace and loving value of what has been lost, of what, in a perfect world, could and should be and what could and should never happen. It is PTSD and it belongs to us. It is also capable of being dissipated and healed in us, leaving us far stronger than we were before.

Well, if we want to get rid of PTSD, really want to, let’s do something about it. Let’s not just dump it, let’s transform it and replace it with its complete opposite. Let’s fix it. If we cannot completely fix our bodies from terrible damage we can at least fix the emotions, mind and restore the soul to us in a way that, believe it or not, in the end can make us grateful for the experiences – all of it!

You are in a perfect position to do that. You have nothing to lose, everything to gain and you have earned and paid for the lesson – good and bad. Now is the time to give yourself the reward.