Opportunity For Transformation

sagery by Dan McTague

All My Tears Are Joy

– My Love Is More Than One Memorial Day Sagery

by James Daniel McTague

From nothingness comes the Centers.


Chakras built to absorb and dance and deliver Pran. Vibrating forth! into glandular expression, healing proceeds in Divine intensity.


Petals hold us in deep embrace, as orbs radiate their role. Sit with it, Friend. Root. Sacral. Solar Plexus. Heart. Throat. Ajna. Crown. One by one. Slowly.


They’re huge. Diverse. Phenomenal. Resonate within each one. Vast. Potent. Like 7 Worlds. Stacked upon Themselves.


Then rise and add the 8th. The Soul. 9th. Monad. Hold it.

Brilliantly roaring essence and Presences sublime. Opening up. Healing. More healing. On and on and on.


The past dissolves. Your deepest wounds, resistance, beliefs, all bathed in light, Now, love. Freedom. Fought for by so many over eons, and especially the last 100 years.


No matter. We’re catching on to Love. Heal and rise. Rise. Rise. Rise.


In Memory

Of Sacrificial Lives
We stand
Forgiveness pouring
Honoring Them
By receiving fully
Their gifts surrendered

Courageous offerings
Made possible in love
By Kronos
Lord of Time
And the miracle
Of the human heart

Breaking out
Of a karmic prison
In the Hall called Ignorance
Humanity is pouring forth
Onto Elysian fields
Of consciousness awakening
Upon the circle
Of our return

Materializing in our form
Appears the glandular system
Of our own perfection
Through the chakras singing
Of a Warrior Soul
In the Spirit Love
Bringing humanity closer
To the Idol emerging
The perfect God of Good
Destined by Us to be

Body and soul
We stand in honor
Of those who have gone before
Who have given all
For the Nations’ healing
And all that dwell therein

These sacrifices
Made in honor bright
Upon ground hallowed
Wet with red
Continue beyond the gates
Of mortal existence
From Death to Life
Unto the living sacrifice
That is Eternal Serving
The redemption of the lives
Still trapped
In imperfect material existence
Releasing Them
Into freedom found
And limitless days of love

That is the birthright
Of all created beings
In Cosmic Space
The Body Corporal
And soul sphere rejoicing
Of the One Life Shining

Bringing into awareness
We are the Life
Toward which we are striving
With such beat of our heart
In humble spirit arising

Love and wisdom
Emerge out of
Our countless cycles rounding
Our shared human struggle through
In emotion, mind and mud
Toward our good end
Shared by all
In Memory
Of Sacrificial Lives


Love Is More Than One


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