Opportunity For Transformation


My Review of the Veteran 3-CD Bundle

Hi, this is James again. I was a corporal in the Marines in Viet Nam from, 1966 to 1968, in and around Quang Tri Province, mostly at the DMZ, participating in a dozen or so field operations from Dong Ha to Khe Sahn, over the hundreds of days.

I wanted to give you my feedback and detailed review on using Genevieve Gerard’s I’m Free Veterans 3-CD Bundle.

A few words about these three helpful Veteran CD’s and their processes.

I’m Free To Relax

From our hearts, the best of our experience is offered here. It is a beginning step in our commitment to veterans and those who have suffered traumatic experience, for moving into a life free from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and, with a growing strength from understanding gained through hard experience. In the long run we can only grow stronger in our power to love ourselves and others.

If any of what is offered here seems hard to you. That tells you how powerful the negative resistance in you is to healing and how important a step it is to your health. As with any enemy, for victory against PTSD, where it is strongest, most resistant, that is where you attack. We want you to know that as in war, you are not alone. Together we are an invincible force of light.

I have worked with Genevieve Gerard for over thirty years in transformational, healing, meditation groups and on many projects. She is eminently qualified having worked for many years with trauma victims.


Genevieve created these products out of love for those who suffer trauma, including me. Her guidance works.”
      – James Daniel McTague

This is the first in the series being created for those who experience the inner struggle of traumatic personal experience. Success with this beginning will lead to deeper steps and a complete life transformation as that invincible force of light takes root in you and grows

I’m Free To Sleep

When we sleep, we leave consciousness, out of our body in two ways, through the top of the head or through the solar plexus.

Out the solar plexus leaves us in the surrounding emotional body, exposed to our memories and feelings. This is our normal habit in war.

We stand sentinel over our sleeping body, in the astral world to watch, listen for incoming, sensitive to the slightest vibration of harm. We wake up easily and it is dangerous when we do. Going to sleep out of the top of the head projects us toward the mental levels and away from disturbing emotional patterns and a much more pleasant sleep. Aim high when you fall asleep.

Put on the meditation and surrender into a visualized light above the top of your head. If you dream, waking up with stress, get up, drink some water, run a shower of cleansing energy, from the light above your head, through you and into the ground, until your systems calm. Put the meditation back on and go back to sleep; out of the top of your head. Surrender to the change.

I’m Feeling Free

This third meditation in the series is a profound meditation exercise. Little by little this process will bring light into dark places and open your awareness to the realization of a complete transformation.

The warrior of destruction becomes the warrior of light, love and redemption. You will have to work harder on this one in order to get deep enough into the emotional nature for complete change, but it is well worth it. If you feel disturbed by the process that is a normal healing crises and an indication of it working. Run your cleansing shower of light from the star above your head and Keep On Going!

Sometimes fighting our emotions is far harder than any physical battle.

After you have experienced these three meditations you will have a grounding in the healing meditation process. You will be ready to go deeper into your psyche and the power of your healing process.

For The Future

The deeper levels of PTSD meditation for complete PTSD transformation and the group work that brings it about, is available to you when you have opened into this process enough to feel that further effort will bring positive results of healing release and a renewal of confidence in your power to heal yourself. Not just from PTSD, but from any condition life brings you.

If you work for your healing, in the fullness of time there is only progress toward and into the light of higher consciousness. That light is love and that love is healing and redemption. You can never lose your right to it, but you do have to learn how to use it. It’s easy, it just takes courage; but you already have that.

Let’s Start.

From my own experience, with this gift that keeps on giving, I have learned a couple of things I absolutely know for sure:

Number One:
It is more than curable. And in its place can be left something far greater than the price.

More than curable? After the experiences are transmuted into understanding and from understanding into the positive power of applied, creative good, which is expressed love, you will become far stronger than you ever you were as a warrior.

Where there was a dark, coiled desperation of seemingly impossible circumstances, there will be an explosion of radiant, glorious light. Oh yes, light, look behind the dark, you can see it, waiting. Others who have overcome what you face and more stand as radiant points of light for you to see. Light yourself up, a tested warrior’s will is an amazing power.

Number Two:
You need to experience the power of group.

This moves the process along.

Isolation and separation from others will not fix PTSD. In PTSD groups, with the shared understanding of others like you, a healing presence enters into the process, one that no other way of working can duplicate. This group process can be provided in a number of ways, by on line group meditation process or group meditation with recorded group process, such as we are offering here. It does not always have to be a live group.

However, I recommend as one who avoided it for many years; that, whatever else you do, you give and receive in a live group for yourself and others to provide the movement past the sticking points. A short time in a give and take group with other veterans will change you, as it did me, as it always does. It is a part of the process. If you are working with our group meditations, where possible, put a group together and do it with others.

You wont believe the difference until you experience it. Into such a group is summoned, by its need, a tremendous presence of healing power. It never fails to arrive and if you watch and wait it will work its miracle. In a short time you will began to realize how much you are helping your brothers and sister veterans and then the transformation takes root. We fight wars for the freedom to live our lives as we want, that freedom is really to allow love to grow and prosper. This process demonstrates why.

Number Three:
You must ask for the help and receive it!

You must hear yourself wanting the process to work and for it to release you from those dark and familiar possessions of war that exist in our mind and feelings, our memories of the past. This is a form of bondage we must ask to break.

We can give you something to put in place of those dark associations that will allow you to replace with substantial light the dark core of negation that keeps us bound to the past. This does not change the memory of events; it places you in a positive relationship to them; no matter how difficult.

You can then enter present time free of those haunting things and know you need not go back into that place. You stand in control, healing and lighting the past, not being driven by it. Separating your immortal, untouchable identity out from it is a major step.

You have far more power to heal then ever you had to destroy, use it! Not for yourself just for that which you need to heal in you. If PTSD teaches nothing else, it teaches us that what is in the past is still connected to and involved in our life in present time. That truth can haunt us, or give us power. The choice is ours.

First yourself, then the past, then the world. By asking within yourself, in humility, and of others, for the help that can give and receiving the result, and being grateful, you learn that all others must do the same. It is just the way the healing process works. Because it is driven by love, what love actually is, it unifies and deepens our relationship to others in its healing power. Because war destroys, it seems the opposite of love but that is not so, war releases love to enter where before it was blocked from going, including in us.

I see a long way into the future now. I see a lasting positive outcome for me and for all of us. I still remember my war experience, the debts, paid and unpaid. However now I see them bathed in the light and love of redemption, my gift, my choice, for them and for me. I know myself as a power of good until the end of the world. That power flows into the world through me in an ever increasing stream. I am now, a warrior of light. I stand in dynamic harmlessness and love, as much and as often as I can. With the help of others it grows daily.

Freedom and love are still and will always be worth fighting and dying for. However, if we strengthen love and group awareness in our healing will-power we will eventually free the world of the need for war.
I am your brother, in war and in peace.

James Daniel McTague

Semper Fi