Opportunity For Transformation

Memorial Day 2020

In remembrance of all of those who have served their countires I have created the healing the world to love message below.


Memorial Day 2020 musings by James Daniel McTague


As A Gift Get Your I’m Free – Veteran Bundle

A Collection of Meditations To Help You Relax – Sleep – Be Calm

I'm Free Veteran Bundle CDs by Genevieve Gerard

You have survived the ravages of war and lived through unspeakable tension, strain, and horror to return to your loved ones and the life you left behind.


You may have noticed that things are different from the way you remember them to be. You may have noticed that you are different from the way you remember yourself to be.


Too successfully return to civilian life, your life, there are some things that would be helpful for you to understand. By understanding these things and having the tools to transition from the stress of your war experience back into the civilian life you can make a successful transition home.


This first series of three CDs is valued at $64 but we want to help and are discounting the digital MP3 package 100% the week of Veterans Day, Memorial Day & Independence Day to $00.00 for Veterans or anyone in enlisted service. Veterans and military personal instantly download yours now.

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