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Memorial Day 2020

In remembrance of all of those who have served their countires I have created the healing the world to love message below.


Memorial Day 2020 musings by James Daniel McTague


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You have survived the ravages of war and lived through unspeakable tension, strain, and horror to return to your loved ones and the life you left behind.


You may have noticed that things are different from the way you remember them to be. You may have noticed that you are different from the way you remember yourself to be.


Too successfully return to civilian life, your life, there are some things that would be helpful for you to understand. By understanding these things and having the tools to transition from the stress of your war experience back into the civilian life you can make a successful transition home.


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I Remember You by James Daniel McTague
As a veteran celebrating the 4th of July I am mindful.
I embrace all Americans, especially you who decided this human opportunity, this America, this group idea, was worth living and, if required, dying for.
Sometimes it bothers me that others could so casually throw away that opportunity or demean it. Then I recognize in me, in my blood, an energy, an aliveness born from the fight. Then I realize that having that aliveness in me is worth the price paid.
I feel a sense of loss for all those who demonstrate they do not know that strange excitement of realizing shared greatness, because each in their way contributes to its unfolding story.
While I do not think I could do it again, so hard was that journey, I will be forever grateful that I did, and for those who shared it with me in this great experiment in group living.
Celebrate America everyone!
No price is too high for what America means to our shared human journey, or what it means to be an American.
Light one for those who cannot be with us. They celebrate from wherever they are.
Semper Fi
James McTague
Copyright (c) 2019 All Rights Reserved

Express Gratitude To Our Veterans


Soldier's 4th of July Prayer post by Genevieve Gerard

I don’t think we as a nation can celebrate our independence and our freedom without taking a pause to express our gratitude for our veterans.


As I ponder and consider the sacrifice you made for our country, I am always filled with awe. The oft said phrase, “Thank you for your service seems insufficient.”


As I ponder and consider not just the what, but the why, I cannot help but consider that the only force that exists in the world that has enough strength and power to enable someone to willingly walk into harm’s way is Love.


So, I would like to change that trite expression to say, “Thank you for loving us enough to lay down your life, to put your goals, your needs, and your desires, second to the call to service for your country.”


You responded and you served, whether or not our country was in the right or wrong. You followed orders you may well have not believed in. You formed a dynamic bond of brotherhood with strangers and sacrificed for them. Your life, for your time in the armed service, was a living demonstration of Love.


Now, as you have returned home to what should be a grateful nation, we the people for whom you walked through hell have failed you. For that I and I know many Americans are sorry.


Sadly, the honor and integrity that you demonstrated has not been returned by the body politic. You demonstrated your love for your country and we the people demonstrated selfishness failing to provide for you the help and support you needed to heal from the horrors we put you through.


It is not that we don’t know that “War is Hell.” After all that is a quote from General Sherman way back in the Civil War. It is that those who stayed at home don’t really understand what slogging through Hell does to the human spirt, to the heart, the mind, the emotions and the Soul.


So, they wrap their responses in platitude and patriotism without ever knowing or considering how little gratitude those hollow phrases show.


As this year the 4th of July comes around, and before those who have never walked in your boots speak their practiced phrases, I would like to offer this heartfelt thank you, to you, our veterans.


Thank you, although words fall short of honoring you for all that you did for me, for us, for the people of this great and yet sadly often flawed county.


You demonstrated Love, though you may have not been treated with Love by the very people you served.


You created brotherhood while walking through a ring of Hell that you neither created or were responsible for.


We, as a people have failed to demonstrate to you the Love and brotherhood which you so richly deserve. Perhaps it is that they do not understand. Perhaps it is because they are selfish and small minded. Perhaps it is because they grew up on emotionally manipulated media of what war is like. Perhaps it is their greed and self-involved short-slightness.


I ask that you once again take on the mantel of honor and service and forgive them for their callous and heartless ways.


4th of July Soldier’s Prayer


From my heart today I offer up this prayer.


Lord of All,


Today with gratitude I place before you this soldier, this veteran, and ask that You:


Heal him/her for the deep wounds that our country sending them into the Hell of war created for them, whether they be physical wounds, emotional wounds, or wounds in the mind, heart or Spirit.


Flood them with Grace and guide them to the direction that empowers them to fulfill their Soul’s purpose, so that their time of service is not a disruption to the fulfillment of their life’s purpose.


Restore and refresh their lives with wisdom and insight that they may see the possibilities and blessings as the opportunity for success that they are.


Comfort the warriors from the ravages of battle and give them rest and respite from their memories of the horrors of war.


Enfold them in your Divine Love and send your Angels to watch over them as they continue through the challenges of civilian life today, tomorrow, and always.






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As a thank you and to facilitate healing for all the wounded warriors I am offering a collection of three guided meditations at no cost to veterans or any enlisted arm forces over the 4th of July extended weekend. Please share it freely with any you think will benefit from using them.


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The blessing of Love on all that you do!


      – Genevieve Gerard



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A Prayer for Veterans

Pray For Our Veterans by Genevieve Gerard

On this day those who served their country as warriors are honored and celebrated.

To serve and defend our country, we the people require our warriors take a journey into hell, for as General Sherman observed in the United States Civil War, “War is Hell.”

To thank them for their service we offer up a prayer of healing.

I ask we all pray for healing them from the hurts that their service has created, physically, emotionally and mentally. We pray and encourage them to receive the grace and healing power of self-forgiveness and compassion as we honor their self-forgetfulness and service.

May they be held within the healing power of Love as they are granted the grace of putting it all behind them with the healing power of letting the past be in the past.

We pray for their healing from the hurts our failures inflicted as we as a society and a world called upon their sacrifice to wage war instead of keeping peace.

Veterans Day is a reminder that Peace is the goal as the date 11-11 celebrates the end of the United States First World War, known as the war to end all wars.

At this time, we pray for world peace and we pray that people everywhere can find peace so that we need not sacrifice any more warriors on a field of conflict.

We ask that this be a time of healing and a day of honoring Peace.

We ask that the wounds of war be healed in the hearts and minds of all we have sent forth to do battle.

We ask for wisdom for governments and leaders everywhere to find the path to peace.
We pray that war becomes unthinkable as a solution in the world, as we as a world realize that we only war against ourselves, for we are One World and One Humanity.

Amen. Lord make it so.

I'm Free Veteran Bundle

As a thank you and to facilitate healing for all the wounded warriors I am offering a collection of three guided meditations at no cost to veterans or any enlisted arm forces over the Veterans Day weekend. Please share it freely with any you think will benefit from using them.

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Thank you for your service.


Genevieve Gerard

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A Veterans Day message

For Veterans who are experiencing challenges in their life because of the experiences of war.


Hi, I am Dan McTague, and I have included a short meditation on this site for this Veterans Day to help center you in the power to reclaim your human nature after traumatic experiences.  As a veteran, I understand the condition. As a spiritual teacher, I know how to recover the territory of ordinary human life that is surrendered in the process of fighting in a war.


Remember this, the soul is untouched by whatever befalls our personality life, up to and including death itself. Our inner power is eternal, limitless and is the essence of love – no matter how the outer material circumstances may indicate. This accessible truth, residing within you, is your key to the restoration of a damaged life.


If not for yourself, than for those whose lives you touch with your own, listen to this meditation message and enter into its inner space. By becoming a dynamic-destructive force on behalf of our country it is not easy to put it aside, or the changes in our consciousness that we made to accommodate the experience after we no longer need it. We must do so.


The message here and the meditation provided is because of this. Not only can the effects upon us be put aside, but in place of the destructive emotional and mental conditioning that we are often left with, a far stronger and more constructive YOU can be built into the personality space you occupy, replacing that broken warrior with the invincible ‘Spiritual Warrior’ within.


Yes, it was a huge change into the veteran consciousness affected by war. Yes, the original you is gone, in many ways never to return. And, Yes you can rebuild, reclaim and redeem the territory of the mind, the emotions and the physical in such a way that you would never trade your veteran experiences if it meant giving up the you that you will become because of having had them. For this to become true inside of you, the journey must be completed from the war you experienced to the understanding you have earned from it. That is coming and will come; our job is to move you into it positively, quickly and past the echo of war.


This may sound impossible, unreasonable and unworkable at first, given the condition that you may be in. However, if the intention is firm and the will focused, nature and the powers of your inner, higher self will bring about the changes.


So, because you do not see the answer, because those around you do not understand how, or believe it can be done, does not mean it cannot. There are things available to us that we never realize until we need them, are willing to receive them, and they are then made available to us. However, it is up to us to apply them and to trust in the God that made us that all things that happen on this earth are toward a right end. This may be hard to accept, yet it is so.


By working on your own particular game, you will prove this assertion of mine to yourself, as I did, by your effort and with the help of those who understand. We will not come and seek you out and force you. Your free will is a sacred right, and our war experiences are the price we veterans paid to have it.


We can only present an opportunity where it might be discovered.

We do, however, promise you this, if you apply and put forth the measure of your effort to improve your life, we will stand by you and deliver until you have achieved the recovery that tells you – “It was all worth it!”


So take a few moments to listen to the meditation introduction offered below. If you are moved to understand more about it or go deeper into it and yourself, contact us. We are here for you, and we understand.

This meditation is “Basic Training” for those who wish to take control of their lives and transcend the physical, emotional or mental and open the inner power to serve from a higher and deeper place. It is our experience that veterans are uniquely qualified for this due to the extreme conditions experienced in military service. Listen to it below.

Semper Fi
j. Daniel McTague


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All My Tears Are Joy

– My Love Is More Than One Memorial Day Sagery

by James Daniel McTague

From nothingness comes the Centers.


Chakras built to absorb and dance and deliver Pran. Vibrating forth! into glandular expression, healing proceeds in Divine intensity.


Petals hold us in deep embrace, as orbs radiate their role. Sit with it, Friend. Root. Sacral. Solar Plexus. Heart. Throat. Ajna. Crown. One by one. Slowly.


They’re huge. Diverse. Phenomenal. Resonate within each one. Vast. Potent. Like 7 Worlds. Stacked upon Themselves.


Then rise and add the 8th. The Soul. 9th. Monad. Hold it.

Brilliantly roaring essence and Presences sublime. Opening up. Healing. More healing. On and on and on.


The past dissolves. Your deepest wounds, resistance, beliefs, all bathed in light, Now, love. Freedom. Fought for by so many over eons, and especially the last 100 years.


No matter. We’re catching on to Love. Heal and rise. Rise. Rise. Rise.


In Memory

Of Sacrificial Lives
We stand
Forgiveness pouring
Honoring Them
By receiving fully
Their gifts surrendered

Courageous offerings
Made possible in love
By Kronos
Lord of Time
And the miracle
Of the human heart

Breaking out
Of a karmic prison
In the Hall called Ignorance
Humanity is pouring forth
Onto Elysian fields
Of consciousness awakening
Upon the circle
Of our return

Materializing in our form
Appears the glandular system
Of our own perfection
Through the chakras singing
Of a Warrior Soul
In the Spirit Love
Bringing humanity closer
To the Idol emerging
The perfect God of Good
Destined by Us to be

Body and soul
We stand in honor
Of those who have gone before
Who have given all
For the Nations’ healing
And all that dwell therein

These sacrifices
Made in honor bright
Upon ground hallowed
Wet with red
Continue beyond the gates
Of mortal existence
From Death to Life
Unto the living sacrifice
That is Eternal Serving
The redemption of the lives
Still trapped
In imperfect material existence
Releasing Them
Into freedom found
And limitless days of love

That is the birthright
Of all created beings
In Cosmic Space
The Body Corporal
And soul sphere rejoicing
Of the One Life Shining

Bringing into awareness
We are the Life
Toward which we are striving
With such beat of our heart
In humble spirit arising

Love and wisdom
Emerge out of
Our countless cycles rounding
Our shared human struggle through
In emotion, mind and mud
Toward our good end
Shared by all
In Memory
Of Sacrificial Lives


Love Is More Than One


Copyright © 2015-2018 James Daniel McTague, All Rights Reserved

In Memory and Appreciation

Today on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor let us pause to acknowledge the sacrifice of service of those who died in Pearl Harbor and their families.

As we remember let us invoke peace between all the people of the earth. Let us envision a world where war is no longer needed and the warrior can rest.



Veterans Day

To Express my Gratitude and my Compassion


It is Veteran’s Day. This day was created to honor those who served their country.


To express my heartfelt gratitude for Veterans Day I am offering a gift of 3 guided meditations put together especially to help with some of the challenges faced by veterans.

I'm Free Veterans CD Bundle


These 3 meditations are in a bundle for Veteran’s called “I’m Free”.


In the bundle is an 18-minute guided meditation/visualization called I’m Free to Sleep.


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The second meditation, I’m Free to Relax, is also specially packaged and formatted for Veterans and is a stress release meditation that also has multiple 5-star ratings. It will help you release your stress and relax.


The final piece of this bundle is a 10-minute meditation, I’m Feeling Free. It teaches you a powerful meditation technique to help you gain mastery over you emotions, especially strong emotions such as anger and fear.


I created these targeted meditations for Veterans, like you, to help deal with the difficulties and residuals of military service. I did this in cooperation with my dear friend Dan McTague, a Vietnam era veteran who suffers from PTSD.


The guided meditations in the I’m Free bundle have been chosen and modified specifically for Veterans to help address these challenges.


If you are a veteran or active duty military personal, this bundle is available free during the Veterans Day (and Memorial Day) weekend. If you know a veteran who would benefit from these gifts, please download them and pass them along or share this site with them.


It is our intention to provide help and support to any who have, or currently serve their country as a manifestation of gratitude and compassion.


Thank you for your service to all my fellow citizens and me. It is my heartfelt desire that my Veteran’s Bundle Gift serves you as you have served me.


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I pray for a time and a world where freedom does not have to be defended with the efforts of men and woman like you. Until that time, I can only say Thank You and offer what help I can to heal the residuals of wartime that are left behind as you return to the world and the peace that you defended.


– Genevieve (Jenny) Gerard