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Finding Your Center

by James Daniel McTague

When we are off the map, out in the wilderness of our PTSD, a place where there is no clear way forward, that is when we wish we had a Helicopter.

If we could just rise above this location in our life, we might see the way ahead in our consciousness. A way through, a place where you are all right with the world and your weaknesses are becoming your strengths, in other words, a place where you are centered in your vast eternal Self.

As it turns out, you do. The answer to this out of balance condition is centering you in who you are, and locking yourself into that place.

Then, using the abundant will of the warrior, choosing to go forward with all other choices. Our PTSD crises are not, as some would have us suppose, an “illness” to be cured, rather it is a crisis in our consciousness to be worked through – no matter what circumstances produced it.

Because the crises are one of consciousness, which is the total of our awareness of self and surroundings, the helicopter you need is meditation. This process is our best answer to the chaos of mental, emotional and physical challenge that living the war experience can bring us. It does not negate any other treatment, but if applied with will and intention, it can pull you quickly into a clarity of what is right and what is wrong about handling your personal PTSD.

Moreover, it will give you the strength of heart to bring the needed changes in your life. The good news is there is always a way ahead for us, no matter what the circumstances. A way that leads to peace and joy. The hard news is that it is you who has to walk the walk, no matter what the circumstances.

For each of us it is a personal journey. This is because each of us has a personal story.

The power of our personal story in action is that it connects us to our own “warrior within” and the healing power of that warrior is far greater than its destructive power. This is true for us and for that which we wish to heal outside of ourselves. All of which commences once we are centered in our positive inner light. Not some magical make-believe light of hope, or faith, but standing in the down pouring Divine Will that resides at the core of every human, it is our nature without exception, and it is waiting for us to access it. This requires no religion, guru or outside idea of how things should be, or anyone’s idea of how things are. It is the access to truth itself, what is, that is true for everyone, everywhere in all circumstances.

To think we have been abandoned by our own Higher Self, due to conditions or actions is a common mistake. We are never abandoned; we only have been temporarily separated from our sense of deeper self due to circumstances, and reactions to things way beyond our understanding and momentarily losing our personalities ability to process and manage.

We have only to exercise our abundant will, and pull ourselves up into the clarity and centeredness that resides in us. That center can never be disturbed no matter what our personal life or our circumstances are. All that can happen is that we are pushed out from our Higher Self, and when we are, we must find our way back to develop our strengths. That is the nature of human evolution that moves us toward our individual growth and perfection.

This commentary promises a lot; however, until you try it you will not realize how much healing power resides in you. It will help you understand the relationship to your deeper self and it strengthens, that the experiences of PTSD are designed to bring about in us. By healing ourselves, we develop the needed strengths to move forward in our evolution, and the group evolution of humankind.

Those of us who have suffered PTSD have learned how meditation can offer clear solutions and useful answers. At this internet location, we are building a bridge in consciousness for all who suffer from within and seek true healing relief. There is no “one way” for this, and it works better with other practices that are self-healing.

The strength of these meditations are that they conflict with nothing in your life because it comes from the deeper part of your mind which resides in a place behind all suffering and who’s nature is love and wisdom.

Join a meditation with an open mind and we will demonstrate how to unlock your access to the great power inside you. The foundation of this process is the realization of the higher and lower self.

Your human personality, as you have come to know it, and your spiritual counterpart (your Soul, or Higher Self) are forever connected and related no matter what happens in your life. It is possible to lose sight of that connection and to sink into the depths of emotional despair, self-loathing or mental confusion and physical struggle with injuries or addictions, however, the relationship is strong and only awaits your activation to effect significant change in you. Meditation assumes that connection and places it in your hands.

We offer many free techniques and, some recorded meditations for getting started. We also offer live group meditation that will bring clarity to your crises of consciousness and relief from the torment of the unchangeable past by revealing the limitless future of positive existence that awaits you.

Unlock this healing power in yourself and let the down flowing love of your inner nature make you whole. We bring you what we have learned from our own PTSD and decades of practicing and teaching meditation; it is yours to apply to yourself for the discovery of its value to you.

These meditations require no previous understanding, no special abilities, no great effort. (You may recognize the significant resistance that is in you by putting forth the effort to change. Doing clarifies the varied nature of our emotional and mental bodies as they cling to their familiar image of “self,” the little self of our personality. You are their master and connecting with the inner warrior will demonstrate this.)

Guided meditation is available to you in these gifts. Group meditation only needs the cooperation of those who share it within the positive atmosphere of group consciousness. At the higher vibrations of this shared reality, the energies can be unbelievably transforming of the confusions and struggle of PTSD.

In group meditation you learn not how to endure the existence of the unlivable, you learn that it can be resolved and put under the control of your innate will, love and creative process where enduring becomes living and experience, no matter how terrible, becomes wisdom. You learn the unconditional support of others and that life itself is there for you because a life that is inherently good will help you heal and grow.

Of course, what you put in is what you get back. With some committed effort, you will immediately develop a greater understanding and then move your PTSD into something that is fading in the rearview mirror of your life and into your future that is one of freedom and positive possibilities.

I salute your service, I respect your condition, as it was my own, and I affirm your power to move beyond it into an empowering light of consciousness and a life of immense value and self-satisfaction.

We have only to do it together.

Share our resources and sample the short meditations we have created for you.

Semper Fi


P.S. Of the two meditations we have provided on this website, one is a short introduction to the meditation process with GG and myself, and the other is a centering meditation of about thirty minutes.


© 2015 James Daniel McTague

All My Tears Are Joy

– My Love Is More Than One Memorial Day Sagery

by James Daniel McTague

From nothingness comes the Centers.


Chakras built to absorb and dance and deliver Pran. Vibrating forth! into glandular expression, healing proceeds in Divine intensity.


Petals hold us in deep embrace, as orbs radiate their role. Sit with it, Friend. Root. Sacral. Solar Plexus. Heart. Throat. Ajna. Crown. One by one. Slowly.


They’re huge. Diverse. Phenomenal. Resonate within each one. Vast. Potent. Like 7 Worlds. Stacked upon Themselves.


Then rise and add the 8th. The Soul. 9th. Monad. Hold it.

Brilliantly roaring essence and Presences sublime. Opening up. Healing. More healing. On and on and on.


The past dissolves. Your deepest wounds, resistance, beliefs, all bathed in light, Now, love. Freedom. Fought for by so many over eons, and especially the last 100 years.


No matter. We’re catching on to Love. Heal and rise. Rise. Rise. Rise.


In Memory

Of Sacrificial Lives
We stand
Forgiveness pouring
Honoring Them
By receiving fully
Their gifts surrendered

Courageous offerings
Made possible in love
By Kronos
Lord of Time
And the miracle
Of the human heart

Breaking out
Of a karmic prison
In the Hall called Ignorance
Humanity is pouring forth
Onto Elysian fields
Of consciousness awakening
Upon the circle
Of our return

Materializing in our form
Appears the glandular system
Of our own perfection
Through the chakras singing
Of a Warrior Soul
In the Spirit Love
Bringing humanity closer
To the Idol emerging
The perfect God of Good
Destined by Us to be

Body and soul
We stand in honor
Of those who have gone before
Who have given all
For the Nations’ healing
And all that dwell therein

These sacrifices
Made in honor bright
Upon ground hallowed
Wet with red
Continue beyond the gates
Of mortal existence
From Death to Life
Unto the living sacrifice
That is Eternal Serving
The redemption of the lives
Still trapped
In imperfect material existence
Releasing Them
Into freedom found
And limitless days of love

That is the birthright
Of all created beings
In Cosmic Space
The Body Corporal
And soul sphere rejoicing
Of the One Life Shining

Bringing into awareness
We are the Life
Toward which we are striving
With such beat of our heart
In humble spirit arising

Love and wisdom
Emerge out of
Our countless cycles rounding
Our shared human struggle through
In emotion, mind and mud
Toward our good end
Shared by all
In Memory
Of Sacrificial Lives


Love Is More Than One


Copyright © 2015-2018 James Daniel McTague, All Rights Reserved