Opportunity For Transformation

Dan McTague

How To Handle PTSD

Become A Spiritual Warrior

As a combat Marine, I have had the experiences of war and the PTSD to go along with it.
As a meditation teacher, a worker in spiritual consciousness for many years, I have a unique perspective on how PTSD can be handled, controlled and transformed into a stronger you, one far different from who you were before you entered the self-destructive adventure of war. One better for it.
Our human consciousness is born into and formed out of a limited relationship of living in the limited lifetime and personal cycle of a human life. Our Personality existence. When war intrudes into this short and limited cycle, when we are young and still new at living, it causes a violent distortion of emotion, mind and energies that cannot be reconciled to one small lifetime or normal human living.
Fortunately, in the grand cycle of eternal experience, one that we all enjoy in the true nature of our being, even if we are not normally consciousness of it, one lifetime is but a flicker of time. Powerful as the experiences of violence and chaos and self-destruction are, experiences of killing and being killed going on in and around us, in the long stream of life they will have little impact on our, or anyone else’s existence. There are far worse things that can happen to you than to be killed in war.
So one positive way we can handle life experiences that shatter our human nature beyond mortal repair, is to put them into perspective. We are each of us, in our individuality, far more than our experiences and far more than they can ever affect. Becoming conscious of this changes everything we think about war, our part in it and what to do with the aftermath. Once you become conscious of this truth everything changes. Healing begins. Light comes in. You begin to see a future you, far more than you ever imagined.
Another aspect of the war experience that can be used is this: Extreme experience has great value.
No matter how difficult the events, or far down into the bottomless horror of mental, emotional, physical extreme war can push us, no matter what we have to do to adapt and survive, to exactly the same extreme we have earned a positive rise in consciousness. Into a higher state of being. Because you have gone far beyond other humans in your experience of service and suffering from that service, regardless of the experiences and what you think or feel about them, you have earned a depth of understanding and meaning others cannot access. This is the law of being, the law of love.
That depth of compression and that height release can – and must – be used by you to catapult you into a spiritual awareness of your divine existence that can negate the horror and self-destruction that we are victim to from our war impacts. If to physical body, emotional nature or mental awareness or all three the spiritual result is the same. Above and beyond all that part of us we are familiar with is a true aspect of our higher nature that is ready and willing to step up and embrace the situation we are in.
Both Genevieve and I have worked many years with individuals in that limitless spiritual nature that is our birthright and our permanent self. We daily help individuals to control and clear the PTSD experiences and we are well aware of what you suffer and how to help you move beyond it.
This is not a simple process of our action from any outside point of view. It is a deep guided movement into the root of your being and the releasing of the terrible life distorting impact of compressed experiences by you. Experiences that go way beyond the normal human range of living.
Like war, we must take ourselves through the process, but with a guide and support. Having sat in many PTSD groups and been through countless nights of relentless horror from my own war drama, I do understand how hopeless it can look to the normal human consciousness. How powerless we seem against it. However, you are far more than that normal human consciousness, as war demonstrated to you in the process of screwing you up. Now we are going to access your positive, powerful, loving nature as a divine being, no matter how lost or suppressed, and bring you to your own rescue. You will at some point be grateful for all the experiences that created that PTSD. That is the firm goal.
If you need this help ask for it, you deserve it, you have earned it, and you will find you know far more about it than you think. I do not care what your religion, philosophy or lack of it, what is real is real. You are what you are.
You put yourself through the war experience. Now put yourself through the experience that will turn you into the opposite, a spiritual warrior for good, the good of you and others like you. Empower yourself to rise through and control your limited, distorted, human nature.
Drugs are only temporary and in the end will fail you. Suppressing the experiences without resolving the energy will only cause a breakdown further down the road. Shared group discussion will release and heal you so, if nothing else, find a veterans group and get into it. If you fell the pull, come to us for the spiritual training that puts into your hands the deeper power of your higher nature, soul and spirit and put them to work for you.
You are more than human and that is your way beyond the problem. We will help you open up that way and walk it into confidence and spiritual strength. Free of emotions that are destructive to you. Ending your human life will not help you as you will only find, to your dismay, that you are still very much alive and in deeper trouble than you were, and worse, without a body to work it out in.
There is only one way out and that is through. What you gain is priceless. This is something we do know something about. Contact us and we will establish a group process in a fun, live meditation transformation event to introduce you to your new Self.
Dan McTague